Thank you to all of the attendees to our Sundance Open House in January!  Representatives from over 11 Ohio Police Departments were on hand to experience the differences Sundance CAD, RMS. Mobile Data and Mapping can bring to their agencies.  If you were unable to attend, just call or email us for your personal demonstration. 




Read About our Past and Upcoming Users Group Meetings and Technology Summits

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Mayfield Heights set to go live with Sundance

Staff at Sundance are working hard to bring Mayfield Heights Police Department online with Sundance CAD, RMS, Mobile Data and Mapping this spring.  After attending the January Open House to explore the many enhancements to Sundance software applications, officials of the Northeast Ohio police department made the switch from their current vendor to the Sundance team.  Welcome Mayfield Heights!


Cuyahoga Heights on Board with Sundance CAD, RMS and Mobile

Sundance Systems welcomes Cuyahoga Hts., Ohio to our growing list of CAD, RMS and Mobile software users. As athe dispatch center for surrounding cities, the area hub is now up and running with Sundance CAD 4.0!  We look forward to continuing and growing our strong working relationship with Cleveland area law enforcement departments.


Westside Dispatch Center Selects Sundance FIRE CAD For Improved Technology

Sundance Systems Inc. welcomes Westshore Communication Center to its family of CAD, Mapping, Fire MDT and Firehouse Interface users!  Read more…


Wadsworth Switches to Sundance for Better Technology at a Lower Price

The Wadsworth Police, Fire and EMS departments are switching from the city's current dispatch vendor to Sundance Systems, Inc., which will provide additional services and technology at a lower price than the city's current provider.

To read more about how the city of Wadsworth "conservatively expects to realize approximately $40,000 in savings in the first year"  by going to Sundance Systems read here.

 Olmsted Township Fire Dept. Goes Online With Sundance

Sundance Systems Inc. welcomes the Olmsted Township Fire Department to their slate of Dispatch and  Mobile Data users.  The township recently purchased the Sundance Fire CAD and Fire Mobile for its fleet of emergency vehicles.  For more information about the Sundance suite of Fire Department products click here or Call 216-328-8551 for your personal demonstration.


Sundance Systems Welcomes Independence Police Department

Sundance Systems is proud to welcome the city of Independence, Ohio Police Department to our law enforcement software users.  With their December 2010 purchase ot the Sundance CAD, RMS software suite we anticipate having their upgraded system up and running in no time! 

Federal Government Awards Sundance CAD Contract

We are proud to announce that the U.S. Department of the Interior has awarded the contract for  Computer Aided Dispatch and Mapping Programs to be implemented in the National Parks System to Sundance Systems.  We will also be providing integration to their phone system as well as the National Integrated Reporting System.  We welcome the national parks to our family of law enforcement software users! 


Sundance Systems offers uploads to Cuyahoga County REDDS (formerly CRIS), County Jail and County Prosecutors Office?  Saving time and duplication efforts as well as adhering to state law enforcement data upload guidelines, Sundance makes reporting quick and easy.



New Applications


EMS Charts Interface

Cuyahoga County Fire Departments are becoming more efficient with the addition of Sundance Systems EMS Charts interface.  The prevaling use of EMS Charts by local hospitals prompted Sundance to develope the interface to assist local Fire Departments in quickening data transfer and minimizing duplicate data entries. 

Sundance bridges the information gap between Sundance  CAD and EMS charts with the newly released interface. Because EMS Charts "suite of products enables you to rapidly acquire and disseminate data to external organizations and 3rd party software" Sundance engineers were able to sync data paths for smooth and rapid dissemination. 

The interface is available to all Sundance customers for a minimal one time up front cost  per department along with a small yearly maintanance fee.  For more information call Dennis Withem at 216-328-8551 or email Sundance at Withemd@sundance-sys.com.



Tablet Based CAD

Cut your mobile communication expenses with Sundance tablet friendly CAD!  At 1/6 the price of rugged laptops, Windows tablets can keep your mobile officers and detectives linked into your system in real time.  Lightweight and portable, the tablets provide reliable database access when offsite. To learn more about how Sundance CAD can link your staff anytime and any place, call us at 216-328-8551 or email us at withemd@sundance-sys.com!



Online CAD/RMS

2012 Brings revisions to the acclaimed Sundance CAD and RMS applications!  With OnlineCAD/RMS Sundance Systems takes to the cloud for a quick, efficient and cost effective law enforcement tool.  To read more about OnlineCAD/RMS, click here.



Sundance Regional Dispatch - Police, Fire or EMS Sundance Regional Dispatch software allows agencies to combine dispatch functions under one software umbrella. SRD combines regional dispatch with mobile emergency dispatch. These powerful technologies allow dispatch centers to handle calls for service more effectively. Communication centers can now manage calls for multiple agencies, even in different jurisdictions. SRD employs a rule based system for determining dispatch priorities and which units should be dispatched to calls. Combined with mobile computing systems the information that used to be radioed to police and fire vehicles can be transferred to waiting units seamlessly. This increases the effectiveness of dispatchers and safety service professionals.

Computer Aided Dispatch - Police, Fire or EMS - COMS Dispatch is feature rich, easy-to-use and has an open architecture. Perfectly designed for any size department, 2 units to 200, this powerful tool can be the central component of any public safety answering point. The COMS Dispatch module (CAD) shares databases with both the Personnel and Records modules to provide intelligent, rules based control for dispatch management.

Records Management - Windows-based screens make data entry and reporting easy, clear and concise. Custom data labels for charge codes and unlimited data elements allow you to customize what data is collected by report and how it is displayed and reported. Use of the Master Index for names, address, vehicle and property simplify report completion.

Mobile Data Terminal - Police, Fire or EMS - Directly integrates with Sundance CAD to allow for Silent Dispatch and Self-Initiated calls. Works over cellular or radio modems that support TCP/IP protocol. Allows for the Completion of Incident, Traffic and Citations at the scene.

Jail Management - Jail management has never been easier. The Jail module provides management tools and reporting specifically designed for modern Law Enforcement. Integrates with Sundance RMS and CAD.

Online Public Records - Post Police, Sheriff and law enforcement Incident and Accident reports online for the public. Eliminate the time consuming processes of finding and processing public records requests. Online posting allows for the public and news organizations to have access 24 by 7. Free up records clerks and dispatchers to do more important tasks. View our Online Records page and Contact us today!

What customers have to say

"Sundance Systems has proven to be an excellent solution for our community's public safety records management needs.  Integration between RMS, CAD and MDT's has been beneficial to the delivery of police and fire services."

Chief Michael McNeely

Bath, Ohio Police Dept

To view more customer comments, click here:


AVL: Automatic Vehicle Location - Police, Fire or EMS Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL) is quickly becoming a standard tool for Police, Fire and EMS. When seconds count, having updated vehicle location information makes all the difference. When an officer safety situation occurs, officer location becomes top priority. With our AVL system each vehicle and dispatcher can see the exact location of all officers involved.



  • Animal Control System
  • AVL System
  • False Alarm Billing
  • Public Records Online
  • Service Department Software

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CAD enhancement

Status Monitor Enhancement to CAD system

  • Track Units
  • View available vehicles
  • View active CAD calls

Current Sundance customers

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And Another thing...

Speech Recognition software may already be installed on your pc.  According to Dennis Withem, President of Sundance Systems, Microsoft includes speech recognition technology on all Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.  Even Windows XP provides a downloadable program to enable voice recognition. 

How does this help safety service departments?  Imagine being able to listen to chatted instructions from dispatchers instead of having to take your eyes off the road while driving to a call site.  Text to speech adds yet another layer of safety for police officers and firefighters.  Speech dictation is an added bonus in completing incident reports with an average 95% accuracy (and spell check too!). 

Topping all of this off, IT IS FREE!  You have already paid for it in your operating system. 

To learn more about how to access your voice recognition software, click here.


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