EMT CAD - EMT Computer Aided Dispatch

Sundance Systems Inc. has engineered its’ premier Computer Aided Dispatch software system to assist Ambulance and EMS agencies in the efficient dispatch and tracking of ambulance services. Combined with the Sundance Automatic Vehicle Locator application, agencies can now pinpoint proper available units to call sites quickly, decreasing response time and increasing productivity.

Available as an outright purchase or a hosted online solution, the applications bring Sundance’s state of the art dispatch software to an expanding market with high value at a low cost. Web based users access the programs through any pc with internet access at a low monthly subscription price. Sundance engineers monitor and support the application consistently, keeping services up and running smoothly.

For information on how Sundance EMS CAD can assist you in your scheduling and tracking needs, just call us at 216-328-8551 or email us at withemd@sundance-sys.com.

monthly Subscription Pricing

Online CAD - Based on workstations


Online MDT - Based on number of units

  • 1-5        $175.00 per workstaion
  • 6-10      $150.00 per workstaion
  • 11-15    $120.00 per workstaion
  • 16-20       $100.00 per workstaion
  • 20-over    $75.00 per workstaion
  • 1-5            $70.00 per MDT includes AVL
  • 6-10          $65.00 per MDT includes AVL
  • 11-15        $60.00 per MDT includes AVL
  • 15- over    $55.00 per MDT includes AVL

Cost is based on how many workstations per month a customer purchases.

To print a flyer describing EMT CAD - click here

system highlights - computer aided dispatch (cad)
  • User selectable input between keyboard, mouse and/or touch screen
  • Schedule transports by Day, Week or Month.
  • Interfaces to Mapping Solution module
  • Interfaces to mobile data computers
  • Stack calls on units
  • Dispatched Calls ordered by priority and color coded
  • Unit recommendation by zone or address
  • Geo coding by address range or business names
  • Automatic alerts by unit, address, names, location, caller number, Call Types and more....
  • Track multiple safety service shifts and multiple jurisdictions
  • E911 interface automatically pulls in caller ANI/ALI information
  • Call dispatcher policy checks and alerts with online and interactive policy guides
  • MABAS supported with built in escalation
  • Page directly from dispatch screens
  • Call types can trigger automatic paging of safety forces
  • Fire Records interface for Fire Departments and EMS
  • Shift Briefing notes can be enabled and tracked per dispatcher
  • Interfaces with AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location system
Features and Benefits
  • Intuitive Windows based screens walk dispatchers easily through the routing and scheduling process.   One page views of units and personnel make tracking resources easier than ever.  Click here for more information.
  • Sundance EMT CAD is designed to reduce duplication of information entry to simplify your processes.  Single entry data screens share information throughout the system.  Click here for more information.
  • Mapping feature utilizes Google maps, satellit and hybrid images to locate vehicles in real time.  Knowing where peronnel and vehicles are at any given time aids efficient dispatching and scheduling. Click here for more information.
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