FDM: Fire Computer Aided Dispatch Module

Fire Department Computer Aided Dispatch software (CAD) from Sundance Systems Inc. is a cost-effective yet feature rich, easy to use and open architectured program perfect for and size fire department, from 2 units to 200.  As an advanced system of communication replacing the "rip and run" paper based dispatch, this latest technology increases efficient relay of information and decreases precious fire dispatch and  response time.

In conjunction with Fire Mobile terminals, PSAP data received is automatically transferred to emergency vehicles including all pertinent warnings and alerts.  Automatic notification of hazardous chemicals, disabled residents and past history afford firefighters and emergency medical technicians the advance preparation they need for heightened safety.

Computer Aided Dispatch - CAD - unit recommendation uses street based grids for time responsive routing by emergency vehicle and type.  In-service units are monitored by location and call.

The versatility of the uncluttered multi-pane windows allows dispatchers to assign units, track events, log times and  assign dispositions with a single button click.  A unique icon view of fire or emergency units provides logical and instant visual recognition of vehicles available and units dispatched.  Integration to E911 for automatic call entry includes caller location, number and name.  Geographic databases provide cross street information, landmarks, alternative address names and optional geographic mapping with overlays of fire hydrant placements.

system highlights - Fire Dispatch Module - FDM
    • User selectable input between keyboard, mouse and/or touch screen
    • Recall fire and emergency units to calls using one mouse click
    • Stack calls on units
    • Emergency Calls ordered by priority and color coded
    • Vehicle Unit recommendation by zone or address
    • Geo coding by address range or business names
    • Interface to mobile data computers
    • Automatic alerts by unit, address, names, location, caller number, Call Types and more....
    • Track multiple shifts and multiple jurisdictions
    • E911 interface automatically pulls in caller ANI/ALI information
    • Call dispatcher policy checks and alerts with online and interactive policy guides
    • MABAS supported with built in escalation
    • Page directly from dispatch screens
    • Emergency Call types can trigger automatic paging
    • Fire Records program interface
    • Shift Briefing notes can be enabled and tracked per dispatcher
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