Computing is rapidly moving beyond desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets with increased dependence on the cloud.  Defined by Wikipedia as the ability for “end users to access cloud based applications through a web browser or a mobile app while the software and data are stored on servers at a remote location,” cloud computing delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) cost effectively to clients.

Sundance Systems Inc. is bringing the cloud to law enforcement software of the 21st century by making it more mobile and quicker to access on scene with its latest release of OnlineCAD/RMS.  The internet-based version of the acclaimed Sundance Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System incorporates all of the features of the in house systems.  With OnlineCAD/RMS, smaller agencies on tight budgets are afforded the opportunity to collate data efficiently, automatically generate reports and quickly search databases without the initial software licensing charges.   A monthly fee per device that is reasonable and manageable makes the new program a smart move for many smaller municipalities.

Integrated to the newly revised Sundance CAD program, OnlineCAD/RMS allows officials to enter and receive data in real-time, anytime and anywhere.  Queries done on the scene by social security number, vin, associates or driver’s license number can be transmitted via any internet activated handheld device accessible to the system.

Sundance recognizes that internet communication has been revolutionized by the smartphone industry.  Bringing law enforcement up to speed entails more than just the “plug and play” model of downloading apps at whim.  Security issues with sensitive individual data have to be protected when stored on the cloud.  In partnership with Active Networking, their sister company that specializes in network security, Sundance builds in the latest generation of two factor authentication for data security.

Storing data on the cloud provides savings to departments by reducing server, personnel and  maintenance costs associated with in house systems.  Online CAD/RMS is hosted and monitored by Sundance Systems making this perhaps the best solution for safety service agencies with an already tight budget.



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