DSN: Data Sharing Network

Sundance data sharing network uses web services to query remote databases at the State, County and local agency levels. By using web service standards Sundance has created an easy to use and intuitive interface for Law Enforcement Officials to search remote databases.

DSN or Data Sharing Network uses XML and the GJXDM standards as the basis for sharing data. GJXDM stands for Global Justice XML Data Model, which is a national standard designed for exchanging criminal justice data. Sundance's standards based approach reduces implementation time and makes it easy to link multiple data sources together.

System Highlights
  • GJXDM Standands based.
  • Brings back BMV and booking photos.
  • Search multible different databases at the same time.
  • Search in State, County or Local Databases.
  • Searches: Name, Plate, SSN, OLN, Address, Physical, VIN, Article, CCH, BMV and adhoc State queries
  • Works with card swipe devices to take data directly off of driver's license
  • Search results are integrated on one screen for easy viewing
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