FMM: Fire Mapping Module - intergrated solution

Sundance's integrated mapping solution provides a unique link to geographical mapping which directly interfaces with the Sundance CAD package.  With the mapping interface you can plot call location on local maps, for quick and easy reference by dispatches

Calls for Service and Unit Status

Sundance's mapping interface is a status map that displays and depicts current calls for service and active 911 calls. Unit status and call status is dynamically updated as CAD information is changed. Sundance map also supports Normal, Satellite, and Hybrid maps.

Support for E911 Phase I/II

The mapping system in tandem with the sundance E911 interface allows for mapping of E911 calls.  Cell calls are mapped using the Lat/Long that is parsed from the E911 system.  The nationwide project called E911 Phase II is fully supported by Sundance mapping solution.

system highlights
  • Fire Hydrant placement maps can be overlayed on GIS for immediate locating
  • Map Calls For Service and Unit Status
  • Create Normal, Satellite and Hybrid maps
  • Push pins can be expanded to show more information
  • Supports E911 Phase I/II
  • Can be zoomed and panned directly from the map
  • Integrated with in-house CAD system. So CFS and Units update automatically
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