RMS: Records Management System

Records Management software (RMS) for police, fire and ems departments should fully integrate with safety service Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems for efficient law enforcement departments.  Seamless integration saves time and increases reliability in reports. With Sundance Systems RMS,  windows-based screens make data entry and reporting easy, clear and concise. Custom data labels for charge codes and unlimited data elements allow you to customize what data is collected by report and how it is displayed and reported. Use of the Master Index for names, address, vehicle and property simplify report completion.

Sundance has standardized screens and entry forms for Long Incident Reports, Field Investigative Reports, Warnings, Warrants, Accident Reports, N.I.B.R. Files, and MNI Files. Each provides the detail you require for accurately documenting criminal incidents.

Code tables and setup screen allow the agency to customize how data is tracked and displayed. Reports can be modified to show the agencies badge and address information.

Reports can be locked down and tracked by administrative officers. In this way, reports cannot be modified once locked down. Administrative officers can have access to screens to track open and completed reports.

System Highlights
  • NIBRS and OIBRS Certified
  • OLLEISN Phase II compliant
  • Compliant with Justice XML standards
  • Integrates with CAD and Mobile
  • Photo capable in Incident, OH-1 and Case Management
  • Incident - Spell checking, and incident tracking
  • Field Interviews - Links with MNI
  • Traffic Accident prints on state form
  • Booking with medical sheet and photo
  • Lineup works with booking and downloaded photos
  • Warning Module - Links with MNI
  • Case management for detectives
  • RAP sheet does system wide search by person name and social
  • Master Name Index
  • Codes tables for drop downs are user definable
  • Summary reports totals and averages crime statitics
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