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Sundance Systems Inc. is bringing the cloud to law enforcement software in the 21st century by making it more accessible and quicker to access on scene with its latest release of Cloud CAD/RMS.  The internet-based version of the acclaimed Sundance Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System incorporates all of the features of the in house systems.  With Cloud CAD/RMS, agencies on tight budgets are afforded the opportunity to collect data efficiently.  Automatically generate reports and quickly search databases without the initial software licensing charges.   A monthly fee per device that is reasonable and manageable makes the new program a smart move for many municipalities.


1.)  Simple setup and configuration. 

2.)  No need for servers, or expensive network integration. 

3.)  Free up users to focus on dispatch, and law enforcement.

4.)  Sundance takes care of your backups, and server maintenance.

5.)  Guaranteed 99.99% up time

6.)  Disaster simplified, since dispatch can reconnect to CAD using a laptop/PC from any location.


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Chief Kelly Stillman

Rocky River Police

Sundance Systems has proven to be an excellent solution for our community's public safety records management needs.  Integration between RMS, CAD and MDT's has been beneficial to the delivery of police and fire services

Robert Wain IT Director

City of Ravenna

The Ravenna Police Department has been using the computer aided dispatch, automatic vehicle location, records management and mobile data software systems from Sundance Systems for over 15 years.  We have been very pleased with our purchase.


Chief John Majoy

Newburgh Heights Police

I have worked with a number of records management systems and Sundance is by far the best. I highly recommend this system for law enforcement agencies. The staff at Sundance is very easy to work with and very receptive to the needs of agencies large and small.

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