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Sundance Interfaces

Sundance Systems interfaces with many partner software applications to enhance the smooth operability of your department communications.  These are just a few of the programs we integrate with.  


Active911’s main product, ActiveAlert, is a mobile app that coordinates with dispatchers to send notifications to emergency first responders


Providing immediate alerts, full station automation and improving response time. 


Axon offers state-of-the-art technology, innovative tools, and intuitive software that transforms how officers and agencies process information, serve their community, and save lives.


Connecting people, location and data using interactive maps


Analyze and respond to crime efficiently using actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions.


FirePrograms can be quickly integrated to improve your agency's operations leading to better data to support improved insurance ratings, enhanced constituent communications and practical data analysis 


First Due is the fastest-growing end-to-end software solution for Fire & EMS. Born in the cloud and built to run your entire operation in one place.  

First Due is the last piece of software your agency needs to buy. Consolidate NFIRS, ePCR, fire prevention, pre-incident planning, scheduling & personnel management, asset & inventory, hydrants, training, community engagement, mobile response, and more into a single application with a sole login available anywhere on any device.


Improving public health safety through the power of data.


Dashboards / Digital Signage

Keep your personnel and visitors up to date with real-time alerts, easy-to-update mission-critical information, 100+ third party integrations and features, consolidated data visualization and more on the big screen, desktop & tablet for fire departments, EMS, police, local government municipalities. industrial, safety & hospitals.


Import data from CAD systems or perform patient lookups in the field to speed documentation, send ePCR's electronically to hospitals and receive outcome data

emscharts logo.png

Guides medics through the patient information to collect at the scene and integrates with your CAD


Information for a safer response...when and where you need it


A 911-connected app that can immediately inform you of emergencies occurring in your community and can request help when CPR is needed nearby


Sundance received a grant to develop an interface to this product.  ODMAP provides real-time suspected overdose surveillance data to mobilize immediate response to a spike in overdose events


Smoothly manage cases, monies and all details associated with a mayor's court


From case management and decision support to reliable tools for public and partner information access, we are here to help 

henschencourt logo.png

Henschen Court- A leader in court software that has developed systems in the Mayor, Municipal, Common Please, Probate and Juvenile Court markets


Providing state of the art software and GIS services to the 911 industry and government agencies


Web mapping platform and consumer application offered by Google


Reduced response time is critical to successful execution of every emergency service you perform


Capabilities and cloud-based connectivity to help you improve patient care, regulatory compliance and operational perferormance

getac video.png

Keeping officers connected and in the know at all stages of an investigation helps protect your force, your citizens and your community.

firehouse logo.png

Saves time, increases productivity and helps you meet NFIRS requirements.


Take control of prehospital patient care, EMS operations, and more with tools that work the way you do


Specializing in case management software solutions

Trancite provides mission-critical diagramming and field reporting software for the public safety sector – like Easy Street Draw, ScenePD, and FireScene. As one of the most widely utilized diagramming tools in the world, their Solutions are deployed in over 70 countries and integrate into over 100 partner applications.

IamResponding is an end-to-end emergency response system for first responders everywhere. Get time-saving alerts and critical incident data with unrivaled reliability.


Our integrated system streamlines the justice process allowing our clients to operate at optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Over 200 Ohio municipalities have chosen one of BGI’s Windows® based Mayor’s Court™ systems to smoothly manage cases, monies and all details associated with a mayor’s court. Whether you are running a full-blown mayor’s court or processing through a violations bureau, there is a Mayor’s Court™ version to meet your needs

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