Sundance: AVL

As low as $15 a month per vehicle

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  • Stand alone system

  • Works with MiFi, or any GPS enabled device

  • GPS Vehicle tracking

  • Vehicle history

  • Play back car chase just as it happened

  • Internet based solutions allow for quick setup

  • Shows location, speed and direction

Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL) is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for Police, Fire and EMS.  In an officer safety situation when seconds count, updated vehicle and officer location becomes critical.  With Sundance AVL dispatchers and agency personnel can see the exact location of all officers and vehicles involved. 


  • Integrates with any CAD and 911

  • Shares live AVL maps and surrounding communities

  • Built in command and control of all functions

  • Inter-Department messaging

  • Integrated Mapping

  • Not limited to city boundaries

  • Can also work with GIS mapping systems

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