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Sundance: JMS

Jail Management System for Sheriff's Office and Police Dept.

JMS Software Module Jail Management System (JMS) has never been easier. The Jail module provides management tools and reporting specifically designed for modern Jail/Holding facility.  Windows based screens make data entry and reporting easy, clear and concise. The Jail management system controls all areas from prisoner checks, medical/visitor/meal logs as well as booking and photo imaging screens, which allows for fast and efficient booking of inmates. 


   Jail status monitor shows large image of the prisoner and also any configured alerts. Also allows for prisoner accounts, automatically deducting funds from the account when purchases are made.  Keeps accurate information on each inmate, including sentence information, contact information, etc. Contains warning flags for each prisoner with pertinent information such as VIOLENT, MEDICAL, SUICIDAL, FLIGHT RISK, etc., and are readily available on the screen.

   Individual cells are set up by you in the system! Maintenance schedules and histories can be tracked within the system, including associated cost.

Modules Included

System Highlights

  • Medical Questionnaires and Property Logs

  • Telephone, Visitor and Meal Logs

  • Commissary

  • Track Gang Information, Distinguishing Marks, Known AcquaintancesTrack case numbers, court dates, fines, codes

  • LEADS integration

  • Booking Screen

  • Charge sheet

  • Property sheet

  • Photo sheet

  • Medical sheet – Certified by State of Ohio

  • Meals

  • Release sheet

  • Telephone

  • Medication

  • Movement log

  • Commissary

  • Phone Log

  • Inmate check

  • Inmate History

  • Warning screen: Violent, Medical, Suicidal, and Flight risk.

  • In-Jail web interface

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