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Safe, Secure, Monitored 24x7

Are you tired of maintaining your own equipment?  We have the answer!

Sundance hosted emergency services applications are designed to work 24x7 with multiple redundant servers, switches, firewalls, power, internet and cooling.  

Run CAD, Mobile, Records, Mapping, Jail, and Civil application from the internet.  Each module integrates with each other, and the system is maintained and monitored 24x7 by Sundance staff.

1.) Simple setup and configuration. 

2.) No need for servers, or expensive network integration. 

3.) Free up users to focus on dispatch, and law enforcement.

4.) Sundance takes care of your backups, and server maintenance.

5.) Guaranteed 99.99% up time.

6.) Disaster recover becomes simplified, since dispatch can reconnect to CAD using a laptop/PC from any location.

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