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Sundance: CAD

Computer Aided Dispatch - Law Enforcement, Fire or EMS

Sundance Systems Inc. provides a premier law enforcement Computer Aided Dispatch software- (CAD)  that is feature rich, easy-to-use and has an open architecture. Perfectly designed for any size police, fire or emergency services department - 2 units to 200 - this powerful dispatch tool can be the central component of any public safety answering point. The Computer Aided Dispatch software module (CAD) shares databases with both the Personnel and Records Management System (RMS) software to provide intelligent, rules based control for police dispatch management.

The versatility of the uncluttered multi-pane windows allow dispatchers to assign law enforcement or safety units, track events, log times and assign dispositions in single button click functionality. A unique icon view of units provides logical and instant visual recognition of units available and units dispatched. Our CAD module is integrated with E911 for automatic call entry, including caller location, number and name. Use the geographic database to provide cross street information, landmarks, alternative address names and optional geographic mapping. 

Alerts and warnings are displayed automatically in Sundance CAD based on name, address, call type or unit. Alerts can be set up to handle special conditions such as hazardous chemicals, warrants issued, disabled residents and more. Call procedures are online and include disaster or mutual aid (MABAS) instructions and prompting.


Customizable, expandable and dynamic

  • User selectable input between keyboard, mouse and/or touch screen

  • Recall police, fire or emergency units to calls using one mouse click

  • Stack calls on units

  • Dispatched Calls ordered by priority and color coded

  • Unit recommendation by zone or address

  • Geo coding by address range or business names

  • Interfaces to Mapping Solution module

  • Interfaces to mobile data computers

  • Automatic alerts by unit, address, names, location, caller number, Call Types and more....

  • Track multiple safety service shifts and multiple jurisdictions

  • E911 interface automatically pulls in caller ANI/ALI information

  • Call dispatcher policy checks and alerts with online and interactive policy guides

  • MABAS supported with built in escalation

  • Page directly from dispatch screens

  • Call types can trigger automatic paging of safety forces

  • Fire Records interface for Fire Departments and EMS

  • Shift Briefing notes can be enabled and tracked per dispatcher

  • Interfaces with AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location system

Modules Included:

  • Call Taker

  • Call History

  • Call Disposition

  • Car Stop Screen

  • Business File

  • Dispatch Screen

  • E911 integration

  • House and Business checks

  • Map integration using county map files

  • Map integration using Google maps.


  • Master Name Index

  • Master Vehicle Index

  • Paging/Texting

  • Pre-plan

  • Shift Setup

  • Shift Briefing

  • Special Attention

  • Warrants

  • Warnings

  • Unit History

  • Unit Log

  • Unit Recommendations (includes fire run cards)

  • Unit Screen

Sundance Regional Dispatch

Sundance Regional Dispatch software allows agencies to combine dispatch functions under one software umbrella. SRD combines regional dispatch with mobile emergency dispatch. These powerful technologies allow dispatch centers to handle calls for service more effectively. Communication centers can now manage calls for multiple agencies, even in different jurisdictions. SRD employs a rule based system for determining dispatch priorities and which units should be dispatched to calls. Combined with mobile computing systems the information that used to be radioed to police and fire vehicles can be transferred to waiting units seamlessly. This increases the effectiveness of dispatchers and safety service professionals.

 Sundance’s dispatch software COMS is at the heart of our Regional Dispatch system. COMS allow users to manage multiple agencies and their police and fire resources. COMS works with MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) to help dispatchers better coordinate agencies response to emergencies. Emergency resource management is handled effortlessly in COMS. Units can be dispatched to emergencies according to nature of the call, location of the call and availability. Sundance’s unit fall over routines allow for back ups to be suggested in the case of a unit is not available.

Vehicle communication and messaging is a key component of our Regional Dispatch system. Information about call location, warnings, history and dispatcher notes are automatically sent to units that have been dispatched. This helps dispatchers manage calls from the dispatch center while reducing radio traffic. Units can acknowledge calls received and maintain their own times and information. Our integrated system also allows individual agencies the ability to monitor and manage units remotely. A call status grid with an integrated map that is updated real time gives each agency a detailed overview of emergency status.

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