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Sundance: MDT

Mobile Data Terminals: Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS

Mobile data software from Sundance Systems Inc. links law enforcement officers on the road to their dispatch centers and police or sheriffs' departments. Windows-based screens make data entry and reporting easy, clear and concise. Directly integrates with Sundance CAD to allow for Silent Dispatch and Self-Initiated calls. Works over cellular or radio modems that support TCP/IP protocol.

Mobile inquires automatically search STATE, BMV, Data Sharing, CCH and local databases. Mobile links directly to in-house booking and booking photos databases. Search results are returned in a web page for easy viewing. Alerts can be setup to generate from keywords found in State search results. These alerts can be sent to the individual car that ran the search or the group of cars sharing the mobile switch. The integrated status monitor shows the current status of all vehicles logged into the mobile system. It shows Unit ID, Zone, Status, Call ID, Call Type and Location. Also, it automatically updates whenever new information is added to the server.

The chat system works for anyone logged in to the mobile system, including dispatchers or administrative staff. Users have the ability to use the chat functionality to communicate with individual cars, groups of vehicles or all vehicles. Alerts can also be sent with an audible alarm.


Simple, Elegant and Clean

  • Search in State, BMV, Data Sharing, CCH or local databases

  • Searches: Name, Plate, SSN, OLN, Address, Physical, VIN, Article, CCH, BMV and adhoc State queries

  • Brings back BMV Photos

  • Voice read back of LEADS/BMV information

  • Voice active LEADS for running plates!

  • Works with card swipe devices to take data directly off of driver's license

  • Search results are integrated on one screen for easy viewing

  • Integrates with in-house warnings, special attentions, call history and in-house warrants

  • Integrates with CAD system for silent dispatch and self-initiated calls

  • Chat system, with alerts and chat broadcast

  • History screen shows history of searches since user was logged on

  • Mapping interface

  • Broadcast alerts can be sent out when agency defined keywords are triggered in State searches

  • Allows for unlimited plates names to be entered into the dispatch screen

  • Units can timestamp Enroute, OnScene, Clear etc

  • Call disposition can be entered directly from car - spell checking enabled

Modules Included:

  • Call Screen (for silent dispatch)

  • Call Status Window

  • Call History

  • Chat Window

  • E-Citation built in

  • Integrated Map

  • LEADS/BMV Integration

  • LEADS search window

  • Master Name Index

  • Master Vehicle Index

  • Mileage log

  • Unit Status Window

  • Scan driver’s license

  • Self-Init Screen

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